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About us

"We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!"

LG wanted to give April a chance to be a stay at home wife. But there is only so much laundry & Dr. Phil she could take before getting really bored.


Atomic Blonde was born of the idea that a couple of cleaning clients might bring a little extra spending money. One of their first clients owned apartment buildings that needed move in/move out cleans. Our client often needed someone who could, change out a hot water heater or install a new light fixture. That led to doing complete turnovers: New Paint, New Flooring, New Light Fixtures, and, of course, Cleaning... within 6 months, Atomic Blonde became a full-service cleaning & handyman business. 

LG and April are active members of Rolling Thunder.


Rolling Thunder is a national organization dedicated to giving back to our Veterans & not giving up until ALL of our POWs & MIAs have been brought back home.

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